It is common for most hearing devices to require a repair over their lifetime. Hearing aids are essentially electronic devices like a cell phone or computer, only much smaller. The small electronics inside are exposed to the harsh environment of the ear canal from ear wax and high humidity as well as dust and debris from the environment. Due to advances in manufacturing, however, newer devices need servicing much less often than older devices, perhaps every 3-5 years. The following are the most common examples of when a hearing device isn’t working:

  • Does not amplify; is “dead”
  • Sounds distorted
  • Batteries seem to last only several days or hours
  • Battery door won’t close or is stuck
  • Sounds weak or faint
  • Constant static or hum
  • Water exposure from swimming or excessive water
  • Cracked or broken from being dropped, stepped-on or damaged by a pet

If you should experience an issue that needs repair, Peninsula Hearing Services is equipped to diagnose malfunctioning hearing devices. Some minor repairs can be done in the office setting in a short amount of time; others will need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. We have accounts with many of the major hearing device manufacturers and can tell you in the office if yours is a brand we service. All repairs come with a new repair warranty.  Your hearing professional can determine what kind of repair is necessary if the device is not functioning.

If you lost your hearing devices, we are happy to try to replace those devices if they are still in warranty.  The in-warranty deductible is $375 per device.