COVID-19 Office Updates

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During this unprecedented time due, Peninsula Hearing Services is open and regularly making COVID-19 office updates to our patients.  We are all facing setbacks and challenges with how to meet our needs and find activities and pastime’s that bring us pleasure and fulfillment.  However, as more time is passing it appears that the worst might be behind us and life can continue to go on, albeit with a few new safety precautions that hopefully will only be needed for the short term.

Peninsula Hearing Services is OPEN and able to offer high-quality hearing care to both new and existing patients.  Just like you, the office is closely monitoring new developments through county, State and Federal health agencies.  We are committed to doing everything we can to maintain a safe and comfortable experience when you visit our office.

COVID-19 Office Updates to Ensure Health & Safety 

When you arrive in our office, we want you to know we’ve taken the following steps to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and you during the COVID-19 outbreak:


  • Before and after each patient, our staff maintains a strict routine of sanitizing work areas, washing hands and maintain social distancing
  • Staggered schedules for patients so only 1 patient is present in the waiting area at one time
  • Patients may telephone the office prior to their appointment and request to be contacted when the office is ready to seat the patient for the appointment rather than wait in the waiting room if an early arrival
  • Reduced staff size to 1 member at the front desk
  • Offer to complete any paperwork prior to your appointment to minimize time spent in the office
  • A plexi-glass barrier between the front desk and the public
  • Masks are required for all visitors and staff when in the building
  • If a hearing devices is in need of servicing/repair, curbside service is available so that the patient does not have to enter the building

Contact Peninsula Hearing Services Today!

The office believes the steps outlined will ensure the health and safety of our staff and patients as the COVID-19 outbreak winds down so we can continue helping  people with hearing healthcare concerns.  Please contact us at (650) 373-2081 with any questions.

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