BlueTooth/Wireless Technology for Hearing Aids


Exciting recent advances in hearing technology have combined with wireless Bluetooth technology to transform hearing devices into personal wireless headsets. This new platform is called “streaming”.

Virtually crystal clear sound can be wirelessly sent directly to hearing devices from cell phones, landline telephones, TV, music devices like MP3 players, podcasts and more.

With the use of a personal microphone accessory, even conversing one-on-one in a crowded restaurant or attending a lecture in a large auditorium can be clearer and more enjoyable. The user can adjust the sound levels with a small remote control and can perform tasks like answer and terminate a phone call with ease.

How it Works

Most major hearing device companies manufacture their own version of “streamers”. Oticon’s wireless platform is called “CONNECTLINE”. The following video provides a short overview of all the features found in the their streamer.

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