Here are a few testimonials our clients have said about our personal service:

 John is a wonderful audiologist. He is thorough, communicative, responsive and a consummate professional. I purchased my hearing aids through a third party provider and he was the local audiologist assigned to me  to fit the aids and ensure my satisfaction. He went more than the extra mile and I would not hesitate to recommend him.  -Mark D San Francisco  (7/3/2014)  
 Dr John Fulmar is exceptional! I was recommended by an online Discount Hearing Aids of America as his prices are exceptional for high end hearing aids– I wanted Opticon.John was fabulous and he met the published prices without downgrading services. He is kind, patient and provides excellent hearing evaluations and services. I recommend him as the best I have met in the Hearing Aid industry—–Dr. John Folmar is a professional audiologist and his services are thorough, pleasant and caring. Guess I can’t say enough about him -Pamela S, Danville, CA  (6/28/2014)  
I am completely satisfied with my hearing aids and the service that Peninsula Hearing Services provided.  I have and will continue to recommend you to my friend who would benefit from your service.  I waited too long before seeking help.  Peninsula Hearing Services, and you, John, have made my life more pleasant.  Thank you.  -Carol L.  Millbrae, CA  (5/23/2014)  
It is rare nowadays to find someone who provides excellent service and  shows concern for the clients.  I want to let you know how happy and satisfied I am with the quality of service, knowledge and professionalism you showed during my consultation and follow up visits. I am glad to have gone to your clinic.  I would highly recommend your service and my wife has been promoting you to some of our friends.  -Bert P. San Mateo, CA (6/2/2014) 
 He listened to what I was looking for to try and help me.  -Paul W, Palo Alto CA (2014) 
 Dr. Folmar was great with my Mom he advised her of the choices available and what to expect within those choices.  We have had bad experiences in the past so this was refreshing.  I  Highly recommend this business for honest , cofmpassionate and proffesional service i.  -A.A. San Mateo, CA (12/19/2013) 
 Dr. Folmar was great with my Mom he advised her of the choices available and what to expect within those choices.  We have had bad experiences in the past so this was refreshing.  I  Highly recommend this business for honest , compassionate and professional service.  -Unknown (10/30/2013) 
 I usually don’t do reviews on yelp, as the customer service level out there is something to be desired but I felt I just had to comment on my experience with Dr Folmar.   When I left Dr.  Folmar’s office I was very pleased with his knowledge and experience within the hearing aid industry.  I’ve seen other audiologists that just want to spend minimal time with you and then sell you the most expensive hearing aid.  Not Dr. Folmar, after he took some tests; he also took the time to help me understand the damage that was done to my ear; explained how a hearing aid works and what the hearing aid would  actually do vs what they say it will do in a particular situation.   I just got the hearing aid last week and WOW what a difference – Thank you Dr. Folmar!.  -Al H. (10/28/2013) 
 Had seen an advertisement in the paper for this business and called to make an appointment for some old hearing aids that I was given and wanted to get programmed for myself. He advised me it could be done but that I may not be happy with the outcome as the technology has improved. I figured that is what they all say to sell something. He made an appt. for me to bring the old hearing aids in . At the appt. he took a look at them and told me he was unable to help me with this particular manufacturer. He then went so far as to check around ( which took about 15 minutes) gave me the name and address of a place I could go to have them repaired. I could not believe he actually took the time to send me somewhere else. The audiologist /owner- John was so honest and really helpful , I would recommend him to anyone and I told him so! I have since went back and purchased a new set of hearing aids as the old ones had too much whistling and noise in the background. He was really helpful and did not try and talk me into the most expensive model . I was able to try the pair I wanted for several days and then if I did not want to keep them I could return them with no charge. I ended up buying them and a gismo that helps me hear the TV. I can’t believe what a difference it has made. I was very nervous making the purchase as these things are very expensive – the prices here were very competitive and I really checked around. This was a very good experience. Sent two friends over and they were also very happy with this service u  -Unknown (10/7/2013)