Hearing Protection


Hearing Protection

Ears are unique and no two are the same. Because of this, generic or universal earpieces are often uncomfortable and often don’t fit your ear satisfactorily. Furthermore, an improperly fitting ear mold for purposes of ear protection can leave your hearing vulnerable if the mold doesn’t “seal” correctly once inserted. Finally, some environments necessitate the need for hearing protection when noise is present for only brief moments and yet one needs to communicate and “hear” when noise is not present (eg. Hunting, industrial settings, musicians, etc.)

The following categories are situations in which a custom ear mold may be required. Different colors, styles, materials and degrees of hearing protection are available upon request.

Hearing Protection - hunting, industrial noise, crowd noise. Various types and styles of hearing protection are offered depending on hearing protection needs. Digital “DefendEar” technology by Westone provides noise suppression and yet still amplifies ambient sounds when needed.

Musician’s Plugs - symphony musicians or other situations in which hearing protection is needed for brief bursts of loud sound and yet finer hearing is required in the absence of noise

In Ear Monitoring - music industry professionals, telecommunications professionals, military/peace officers/fire fighters who monitor radio communications

Sleep plugs - custom fit for comfort when sleeping and good attenuation of external sound.

Stereo Headphones - custom fit for improved comfort and higher fidelity of sound.

Motorcyclists - reduce wind noise when wearing your helmet.

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