About Widex

Widex is a family owned company, found in Denmark in 1956 by engineer Christian Topholm and entrepeneur Erik Westermann.  Today, the company is owned and run by the second generation of the Topholm and Westermann families.

Their corporate website states they believe that hearing aids should be comfortable and easy to wear as well providing good hearing technology.  In 1990, they pioneered the computer aided manufacturing of custom hearing device shells (CAMISHA) which Widex states “transformed the way custom hearing devices and ear molds are made across the entire industry”.  The company offers a diverse portfolio of hearing aid accessories to assist with hearing on the cell and landline telephone, listening to television and managing the volume of hearing devices.

Widex’s is committed to “natural” solutions to hearing loss and strives to do so in an ecologically friendly way.  The new global  headquarters, inaugurated in 2010, houses more than 600 employees and is complete with 20,000 solar cells, an on-site windmill, collection of rainwater on the roof and is the first C02 neutral hearing aid manufacturer. The complex actually generates more power than it uses, thus delivering excess power to the electricity grid.

The company also publishes LISTEN magazine twice a year, which covers a diverse range of topics related to hearing and sound.

Widex Recent Technologies

The Widex DREAM is the newest family of hearing aids by the company and is available in standard, advanced and premium technologies.  Widex reports DREAM “sets nothing less than a new standard in hearing aid performance”

Widex Pricing & Warranty (per device)

Dream 440 (all models)  $2795  (3 year warranty)
Dream 330 (all models)  $2325  (3 year warranty)
Dream 220 (all models)  $2200  (3 year warranty)

Widex Accessories

Phone-Dex                     $435
Mobile-Dex                     $380
TV-Dex                            $325
Remote Control-Dex   $160

Call (650) 373-2081 or email us for pricing on models not posted.