Starkey’s corporate website states they are the hearing industry’s only American owned and operated company. The founder, William F Austin, turned Starkey Labs, a small ear mold company he purchased in 1970 for $13,000 into Starkey Hearing Technologies. Starkey has operated under the single-minded purpose that “Hearing is our concern”.

Starkey Hearing is also involved in philanthropic work  for the hearing impaired.  In 1984, founder Bill Austin started the Starkey Hearing Foundation which has distributed nearly 500,000 hearing aids around the world to people in need.  Their support has resulted in delivery of more than 100,000 hearing aids annually through more than 100 global hearing missions a year, in countries like Mexico, Malawi, Vietnam and Mozambique.

Starkey manufactures a broad portfolio of hearing technologies.

Starkey Recent Technologies

  • 3 Series Platform:  Starkey’s newest hearing technology platform is called the 3 series. At the heart of each 3 Series hearing instrument is an operating system designed to maximize performance in the challenging environments patients deal with today.
  • Invisible hearing devices:  SoundLens™, the industry’s first custom-fit, invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid.
  • Tinnitus Therapy: Xino Tinnitus.   Starkey’s patent-pending Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, Xino Tinnitus creates a customizable and comforting sound stimulus that you and your hearing professional can fine-tune to soothe the unique, irritating sounds you hear. The result is personalized sound therapy designed to:  And because many cases of tinnitus involve hearing loss, it also features advanced hearing aid technology, as amplification has been shown to help with relief.
  • Wireless Technology: Starkey uses their “SurfLink” to wirelessly bring sound from cell phones, TV, music and even one on one conversations in crowded restaurants or from a lecturer in a large auditorium directly to Starkey wireless hearing devices.
  • Remote Controls:  Starkey offers several remote controls  to discreetly make volume and program changes adjustments to their hearing devices.  Surflink Mobile and Surflink Remote each offer their own unique features.

Starkey Pricing &Warranty (per device)

NEW!  iPhone Compatible Halo i110 (all models)  $2995   (3 year warranty)
NEW!  iPhone Compatible Halo i90 (all models)    $2595   (3 year warranty)
NEW!  iPhone Compatible Halo i70 (all models)    $2295   (3 year warranty)

3 Series i110 (all models)  $2995   (3 year warranty)
3 Series i70 (all models)    $2295   (3 year warranty)
3 Series i30 (all models)    $1995   (3 year warranty)

Soundlens iic 11  $2995   (3 year warranty)
Soundlens iic 9    $2595   (3 year warranty)
Soundlens iic 7    $2295   (3 year warranty)

Starkey Accessories

Surlink Media      $550
Surflink Remote $330
Surflink Mobile    $660

Call (650) 373-2081 or email us for pricing on models not posted. 

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