A world leader in electronics, automation, lighting and other cutting edge technologies and industries, Siemens has been helping those with hearing loss for more than 130 years. Their corporate overview states that one out of every three hearing devices being used worldwide is a Siemens. Siemens manufactures a broad portfolio of hearing technologies.

Recent Technologies

    • Waterproof hearing device: the only waterproof hearing device on the market called the Aquarius.
    • Rechargeable hearing device: the eCharger is a charging station for several models of their hearing devices.
    • Remote Controls: the EasyPocket remote control allows one to change the settings on many of their hearing products and the ePen, a discreet remote control the size of a pen.
    • Tinnitus Therapy: several of Siemen’s newer products feature Tinnitus Therapy, which when used can provide relief from bothersome tinnitus sounds.

Pricing & Warranty (per device)

Pure Micon 7 mi (RIC) $2475   (3 year warranty)
Pure Micon 5mi (RIC)  $2055   (3 year warranty)
Pure Micon 3mi (RIC)  $1765   (3 year warranty)


Easy Pocket Remote  $175
MiniTek                         $495
eCharger                      $215

Call (650) 373-2081 or email us for pricing on models not posted. 

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