Founded in 1943, ReSound’s corporate website states they have been responsible for a number of hearing industry firsts regarding new sound processing technologies, new computer processing chips to program instruments and the creation of the industry’s first “open-fit” style instrument that provides more natural sound and reduces the plugged up feeling in the ear.

ReSound is headquartered in Denmark and they claim to be represented in more than 80 countries.  Their mission is “to create innovate hearing solutions that constantly increase user satisfaction and acceptance-making ReSound the natural choice for hearing care professionals”.

Recent Technologies

ReSound introduced Linx2 1 year ago, the world’s  first Made for iPhone® hearing aid.  Prior to this, the company released the Verso which using wireless Bluetooth technology delivers sound directly from TV, cell phones, music, and landline telephones to the devices themselves as well as improves one-on-one conversations in crowded restaurants and lectures using a remote mini microphone.

Pricing & Warranty (per device)

iPhone Compatible  Linx2-9  $2995      (3 year warranty)
iPhone Compatible  Linx2-7  $2395      (3 year warranty)

iPhone Compatible  Linx2-5  $1895      (3 year warranty)
iPhone Compatible  Enya3    $1195      (1 year warranty)


Unite Remote Control 2  $295
Unite TV Streamer 2        $405
Unite Phone Clip             $295
Unite Micro Mic               $325

Unite Multi Mic                $395

Call (650) 373-2081 or email us for pricing on models not posted.

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