A world leader in hearing care, Phonak’s mantra is: “Interact Freely. Communicate with confidence. Live without limit. Life is On. Phonak is one of several global leaders in the research and development of hearing solutions. They are regarded for their pioneering hearing products for hearing impaired children and wireless systems and today conduct numerous hearing related research projects with universities.

Phonak is controlled by the Swiss holding company, Sonova which owns several other hearing healthcare companies including the cochlear implant manufacturer Advanced Bionics. According to their corporate website, they founded the non-profit Hearing the World Foundation which “is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting equal opportunities for people with hearing loss globally”.

Phonak manufactures a broad portfolio of hearing technologies.

Recent Technologies

  • Quest Platform: Phonak’s recent release of a new hearing technology platform, called Quest, promises “a broad range of features designed to help clients hear better in wind and listening in loud noise”.
  • Wireless Technology: Phoak’s version of ‘streaming” uses their ComPilot to wirelessly bring sound from cell phones, TV, music and even one-on-one conversations in crowded restaurants or from a lecturer in a large auditorium directly to Phonak wireless hearing devices.
  • Remote Controls: Phonak offers several lines of remote controls to discreetly make volume and program adjustments to their hearing devices. PilotOne, myPilot and MiniControl each offer their own unique features.
  • Tinnitus Therapies: for those suffering with chronic tinnitus, Phonaks offers tinnitus therapies in any performance level of Phonak Audeo Q RIC hearing devices.


Pricing & Warranty (per device)


NEW ! Audeo V90 $2575    (3 year warranty)
NEW ! Audeo V70 $2130    (3 year warranty)
NEW ! Audeo V50 $1780    (3 year warranty)

Audeo Q90 $2525    (3 year warranty)
Audeo Q70 $2110    (3 year warranty)
Audeo Q50 $1745    (3 year warranty)

Virto Q90 (including Nano) $2525      (3 year warranty)
Virto Q70 (including Nano) $2110      (3 year warranty)
Virto Q50 (including Nano) $1745      (3 year warranty)

Naida Q90  $2525    (3 year warranty)
Naida Q70  $2110    (3 year warranty)
Naida Q50  $1745    (3 year warranty)


ComPilot  $495
TV Link    $325
Remote Mic $325
ComPilot + TV Link OR Remote Mic  $610
ComPilot + TV Link + Remote Mic $840
Pilot One Remote  $350

Call (650) 373-2081 or email us for pricing on models not posted.

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