A world leader in hearing care since 1904, Oticon’s philosophy is  “people first”. They are  known for their world class research and product development centers as well as advanced manufacturing capabilities of hearing instruments.

Oticon is controlled by the Oticon Foundation, which is mandated to support the needs of organizations and hearing-impaired individuals through grants and other charitable activities. Oticon manufactures a broad portfolio of hearing technologies.

Recent Technologies

Oticon introduced Alta2 1 year ago, which offers a uniquely personalized and automated fitting approach to hearing devices as well as offers  a feature that helps left and right ear hearing devices communicate with one another called binaural synchronization.  Another feature named speech guard was created for more effortless hearing in noisy listening environments.

Oticon manufactures an innovative wireless communication platform called ConnectLine, which delivers virtually crystal clear sound from TV, cell phones, music, and landline telephones as well as improves one-on-one conversations in crowded restaurants and lectures using Bluetooth technology.

Pricing & Warranty (per device)

New! OPN (all models) $3325   (3 year warranty)
Alta2 Pro (all models)   $2995   (3 year warranty)
Nera2 Pro (all models)  $2395   (3 year warranty)
Ria2 Pro (all models)    $1995   (2 year warranty)


Streamer Pro  $305
Connect TV    $275
Connect Phone $220
Connect Mic  $275

Call (650) 373-2081 or email us for pricing on models not posted.

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