Hearing Devices – Features & Pricing


Will hearing devices help me?

A commonly asked question is do hearing devices work? The answer is yes, modern hearing technology is excellent and works well. However, it cannot be overstated that hearing devices are not a replacement for one’s natural hearing. Today’s hearing devices sound more more natural, are smaller and more discreet, have significantly improved noise reduction and are less prone to malfunction than older hearing devices. However, expect the hearing nerve and brain to require 2-4 weeks to adapt to hearing devices.

Hearing loss generally occurs due to noise exposure, aging, unlucky genetics or a combination of the three. If you desire to hear better and have a hearing loss that is nerve related and not medically treatable, a hearing device is the best solution available until medical science discovers a treatment to heal the hearing nerve. Generally speaking, there is not a specific test to differentiate how well  hearing technologies will or will not benefit someone.  Each person is unique and no two persons respond to amplification the same way.

The owner of Peninsula Hearing Services is a Doctor of Audiology and has been fitting  hearing devices for 18 years.  He has fit devices from all of the  6 major hearing device manufacturers and has experienced the best success with Resound products.  Because of that, Peninsula Hearing Services highly endorses their products. Those who are successful with amplification typically:

    • Have realistic expectations regarding the strengths/limitations of hearing devices
    • Are highly motivated to hear better
    • Seek amplification for themselves and less so due to pressure from others
    • Proactively maximize their ability to communicate  using strategies/coping skills other than hearing

How much do hearing devices cost?

If pricing sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Hearing devices marketed to provide extraordinary hearing benefit at bargain basement prices most likely aren’t what they seem. Hearing devices offered by Peninsula Hearing Services range in price from $1195-$2995 each.  However, they should last for many years.  Each offers a manufacturer’s warranty that covers repairs and Loss & Damage.

Pricing for specific models by Resound can be found below. Hearing device prices reflect different technological features marketed by the manufacturer. You are encouraged to visit the manufacturer website to read more about those features and how they may benefit your particular hearing needs.

Peninsula Hearing Services dispenses hearing devices to San Mateo, Burlingame, Millbrae, South San Francisco, San Bruno, Brisbane, Foster City, Belmont, Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, San Carlos, Redwood City and surrounding communities.

What brand of hearing devices do you recommend?

Fitting hearing devices for the past 18 years, Peninsula Hearing Services has experienced the most success with Resound hearing devices and  strongly recommends those products over other hearing device manufacturers. This recommendation is based upon:

  1. Low rates of return
  2. Reliability (low rates of repair/malfunction)
  3. Stability of the computer software to adjust the devices to each individual’s hearing test results
  4. Excellent experience with customer services
  5. Confidence in Resound’s business health and growth as a company
  6. Clinical studies that support performance claims





  • Premium & Standard Feature Hearing Technologies
  • Wireless communication capabilities for phones, TV, music and more as well crowded restaurants and lecture halls
  • Remote Controls to adjust the volume of the devices


Pricing & Warranty (per device)

  • Cell Phone Compatible  Linx 3D- 9  $3195      (3 year warranty and 3 year supply of batteries)
  • Cell Phone Compatible  Linx 3D- 5  $1995      (3 year warranty and 1 year supply of batteries)
  • Cell Phone Compatible  Enya 3       $1195      (1 year warranty)
  • Cell Phone Compatible  Linx2-5      $1895     (1 year warranty)



  • Unite Remote Control 2    $295
  • Unite TV Streamer 2         $405
  • Unite Phone Clip               $295
  • Unite Micro Mic                 $325
  • Unite Multi Mic                  $395

Call (650) 373-2081 or email us for pricing on models not posted.