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Hearing Device Batteries


Quality name brands like Powerone, Rayovac and Duracell hearing device batteries are available at Peninsula Hearing Services. Orders can be placed by phone or email. No postage or handling!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Device Batteries

How should a hearing device battery be stored?
Do NOT store batteries in the refrigerator. Try to store them at room temperature and in a dry place. Do NOT remove the tab and then replace it later.
What is the tab used for?
The tab seals air holes on top of the battery when manufactured. Once the tab is removed, air rushes in and the battery is “activated”. Replacing the tab will not stop the process. The battery, even if not used, will become drained within several weeks. “Use it or lose it”.
Why does my hearing device not work after replacing a new battery?
Most likely the battery contacts in the device need cleaning or the speaker is clogged with debris. Contact Peninsula Hearing Services for an appointment to resolve this.

Why does my battery last shorter than it has in the past?
It could be several things. However, most commonly it is debris in the speaker or microphone. Contact Peninsula Hearing Services for an appointment to resolve this.
Why is the battery packaging colored?
Hearing device battery sizes are standardized and color coded for easy identification. Size 10=yellow, Size 312=brown, Size 13=orange and Size 675=blue

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