Frequently Asked Questions

Are there new medical discoveries/procedures to help restore hearing?
Yes, there is active research exploring ways to restore hearing. Two world renowned hearing research institutes, House Ear Institute and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary should list active research on their websites.
What can be done so that hearing devices are a covered benefit through Medicare and my health insurance plan?
Be an advocate for yourself by contacting your insurance plan or employer and ask them for coverage for hearing healthcare services. Regarding Medicare, request your local U.S. Congress person at, and U.S Senator to advocate for greater hearing healthcare coverage through various Federal programs like Medicare and for deeper income tax credits for purchases of hearing devices. Finally, request the Department of Health and Human Services who manage Medicare  to provide coverage for hearing healthcare devices and services.
Is there currently legislation proposed to help with the cost of hearing devices?
Yes. A bill was introduced in 2013 to Congress named H.R.1317 — Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act 2013. Visit the Better Hearing Institute  to learn about the bill and how to contact your Congress person to support the bill.
What organizations can I contact to learn more about hearing health care?
American Academy of Audiology and the Better Hearing Institute are good websites for those interested in hearing health care topics.
I struggle with tinnitus. Is there an organization that supports research and is actively searching for solutions to cure tinnitus?
Is there hearing device coverage under special circumstances?

  • Children are most often covered for hearing aids through their local school district as well as other government programs such as the Early Intervention Program.
  • For those with profound hearing loss, a cochlear implant is typically covered by most health insurance plans.
  • Veterans of the United States Armed Forces are typically eligible for hearing devices through the VA Hospital.
  • Low income and/or those with disabilities are often covered for hearing devices through State and/or Federal programs like MediCal.
Are there private organizations that will provide assistance for hearing devices if I can’t afford them?
Yes. Several non-profit organizations such as the Lion’s Club and Starkey Hear Foundation provide hearing devices for those who demonstrate economic hardship.
Where can I learn more about the statistics of hearing loss?

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