9 Reasons Why You Should Get a Hearing Test

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9 Reasons Why You Should Get a Hearing Test

If you’re like millions of other Americans who experience difficulty hearing, the following article summarizes 9 reasons why you should get a hearing test.


  1. Hearing loss can strain your relationships. It can make it difficult for you to communicate with friends, family or even neighbors and casual acquaintances, which can lead to frustration or misunderstandings. Having a hearing test done can validate if it’s your hearing or the other person speaks softly, mumbles or places unreasonable demands on your hearing.
  2. Some studies show that treating hearing loss early can prevent it from getting worse. If you’ve already experienced some hearing loss, your audiologist can recommend changes you can make in your everyday life to protect your hearing.
  3. Hearing loss could indicate an underlying health condition, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. If your hearing test shows that you have hearing loss, you can visit your doctor for diagnostic tests.
  4. Hearing loss can negatively impact job performance. A hearing test makes it possible for you to get help, so you can be successful at work.
  5. One of the most common effects of hearing loss is withdrawal socially, often leading depression.
  6. With recent technological innovations, today’s hearing devices are much more discreet, natural sounding and better performing in noisy environments. If your hearing test indicates that you have hearing loss, keep in mind that advances in hearing devices have made these devices more effective and more comfortable to use.
  7. Recent studies in the medical field of neurology and cognition are more strongly finding that hearing loss raises the risk of dementia. It is unsure why this is so, but it is speculated that hearing loss leads to social isolation, which in turn might contribute to the higher risk of dementia. A hearing test may help protect your cognitive abilities.
  8. Hearing loss makes it difficult to enjoy social situations. Whether you attend community events or meet with friends for lunch, hearing loss can make it hard for you to participate in conversations.
  9. Hearing loss can occur if you take pain relievers. You may have a higher chance of hearing loss if you take acetaminophen, aspirin or other nonprescription pain relievers on a regular basis.

Therefore, if you suspect hearing loss, there are 9 reasons why you should get a hearing test.  As your physician or see an audiologist with how to go about getting a hearing test.

SOURCE: edited from an article “10 Reasons why you should take a hearing test” by the Silverstein Institute (April 5, 2017)